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Does anybody know a sure way to give up smoking? HELP!?

I smoke for 5 years, a pack a day, and now I wanna stop. I could manage not to smoke for 2 days, but then started again.

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9 Responses to “Does anybody know a sure way to give up smoking? HELP!?”

  1. shenzoe said :

    YES! get some Zyban. Or bupropion that stuff really works, I smoked for 30 years and quit cold turkey with that stuff. No problems except a little irritability.

  2. kt said :

    find a healthy hobbie like jogging its goning to be hard at first just don’t give up

  3. cougielv said :

    Stop buying them!

  4. kathy_is_a_nurse said :

    Since no two people’s needs are the same when it comes to quitting smoking, I would encourage you to buy “The No Nag, No Guilt, Do It Your Own Way Guide to Quitting Smoking” by Tom Ferguson. Goofy title, but it has a lot of excellent ideas. It’s an easy read and very helpful.

  5. knee-gal said :

    The best way is just to believe you are not going to smoke anymore and really mean it. Stop cold turkey. I quit 5 years ago this way and honestly i can say i have not wanted to smoke at all. I can’t stand to be around it and have no desire to smoke whatsoever.

  6. Boffo said :

    Don’t buy any more cigarettes, don’t hang out with people who smoke, and use your hands for something creative that won’t allow you to smoke while doing it.

  7. OhGreatWiseOneinHipWaders said :

    throw away all the cigarettes, pour something really nasty on them.

    Go cold turkey.
    No one wants to kiss a smoker. It is like licking an ashtray.

    Change your habits, surroundings and friends.

    Clean your home thoroughly. Clean the walls, steam clean the carpets, and upholstered furniture, clean everything you keep in your house, all lamps all knick knacks, everything. You would be amazed at how much cigarette smoke permeates all upholstered furniture, walls and carpets, it even affects wooden furniture. When one smell this residue, it may trigger a desire to smoke in the newly quit smoker, and repel non-smokers.

    Do not hang out with smokers. When quitting any addiction, leaving the other addicts behind is critical.

    Do not go out drinking. For many people drinking provokes the desire for a cigarette.

    Find substitute pleasures and activities to replace the activity of smoking in each of the ritual times of day and occasions when you would light up.

    Go visit a local health museum where you can see the diseased lungs of a smoker. Buy pictures of the diseased organs and post them up in your home as reminders. Go to one of the Body Worlds Exhibits. See the poster for sale called “Smoking is Cool”. Buy it, post it where you look at it often.

  8. mothers finest said :

    Buy one more pack of cig put them in your car with you and let them ride with you everyday on that passenger seat.Talk to them and tell them that you know that they are here for you but you don’t want them. Tell them cig. all kinds of things that you want them to know. One day you will get tired of those cig. riding with you and you will throw them out. A girlfriend of mine did this and it worked for her, she has been smoke-free for about 2 and a half years now.

  9. yardsale said :

    The only way to quit is to quit. Period. I told myself many times a day for many months when I wanted a cigarette, “I don’t smoke anymore.” The urge would pass. Tough love (for oneself). Good luck!

  10. lazarenkomaring said :


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