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i can’t give up smoking and iam a vocalist … do u know how should i inactive its influence?


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14 Responses to “i can’t give up smoking and iam a vocalist … do u know how should i inactive its influence?”

  1. Tiffany L said :

    shoot heroin instead

  2. willy t said :

    chew tobacco gives you a better buzz anyway.

  3. wilson w said :

    Uh, you can either stop smoking…or stop smoking.

  4. Max B said :

    nicotine gum/patch or another variation

  5. Exigos Mortis said :

    Give up smoking. It is unhealthy also, and it will affect your voice eventually no matter what you try.

    Be sure to warm up properly to, but quit smoking.

  6. Idiot kid said :

    Aye, ye need to quit, one or the other, mate. I suggest ye give up tabacco!

  7. butterfly said :

    the only way to stop the influence of smoke, is to quit. sorry . i know how hard it is to quit. but that is it . quit

  8. loving_my_hips said :

    The only way to do so is to stop smoking. Stop saying you can’t and start telling yourself you can. If you are serious about being successful as a vocalist then the cigs need to go!

  9. frenchm1950 said :

    Nobody smart smokes.

  10. Nicholas Mint said :

    contact one of the many NHS stop smoking websites and you can get a stop smoking pack for free!
    plus if you are a vocalist why did you start?

  11. Christy SD Nurse said :

    there is no way to reduce the effects of smoking on your voice, other than to stop smoking

  12. fantabu1ous said :

    a no brainer,,,it’s time to quit, everybody has to quit at one point this is your point.

  13. Massie Block said :

    I can’t do anything about your smoking problem, but there is a product called Emergency for vocalists with sore throats or smoking habits. It’s available at any health shop.

  14. redrosediane said :

    Being a vocalist is all the more reason to stop smoking. Nonsmokers are not aware of the effects of tobacco and the withdrawal. It is very easy to say stop smoking than it is to stop, Just like constant screaming the effect places pressure on vital throat organs. believe me. If you do not stop, your career may be in jeopardy

    There are so many over the county products and now they put them where we can actually read the label. . Prescription medications are also available. I took Chantix (expensive) by prescription, it is very good–it actually makes you not want a cigarette. The medication actually bind to the sites that tobacco needs for its effect. Many support groups exist, even online groups. Keep trying but remember what has worked for some may not work for you.


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