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Is it possible to learn guitar just by working with online tabs?

I’m really wanting to learn guitar this summer in between semesters. I don’t really have the money for personal lessons, though. I’ve looked at the tablature online, and I’ve figured out how to read them. Is it possible for me to learn/teach myself guitar with these tabs?

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7 Responses to “Is it possible to learn guitar just by working with online tabs?”

  1. Jonesattack said :

    You can learn how to play a lot of songs that way and it is a good way to start. It is better, in my opinion, to learn your minor and major scales and the names of the chords as you work on tabs so you know what is going on, that way you can start to make some songs of your own. Try this site

  2. Brother Otter said :

    Yes, you can learn this way. Find YouTube clips of artists performing the songs you want to learn; that’ll help.
    And, be sure to research material about good technique. There are ways to hold the instrument and your hands that make it easier to play well, and bad habits you can pick up if you don’t pay attention to technique.

  3. Brodasaur. said :

    It is possible to do it. I pretty much only use online tabs. If you’re really going to learn how to play, you should learn the scales and chords. That’ll come in handy. Especially when trying to write your own material.

  4. Yasmin said :

    totally, tabs are a great place to start, though before you began with tabs its a good idea to learn the basic chords
    learn these chords then start with tabs and little by little you start recognising other chords.

    A good song to begin with is house of the rising sun by the animals

    <--try the tab i found for you

  5. This is me. said :

    I’d say go for the tabs but also learn from mp3s alongside the tabs. Find programs that will repeat bits of the song and repeat them till they’ll open up to you.
    This way you develop a musical ear which is the only thing you need when working with a band.
    Most legendary rock guitarists can’t read anything.
    The strength is not how well you can reproduce other people’s work but how nice your original melodies are and to get those you don’t want to get bogged down by paper, you want to close your eyes and let your imagination flow.
    Use paper to write lyrics instead, and compose your melodies wherever you might be.
    See Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix etc etc

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  7. Learn Guitar said :

    It is possible, but be careful. When your learning guitar it’s really easy to pick up bad habits.

    The best option is always an experienced guitar teacher, but there are lots of free guides on the internet that can help you get started.


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