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should i learn to read music or just do tablature for learning to play guitar?

Im 13 and i want to learn guitar to have fun. i cant do lessons because they are to expensive. i thing i world rather just do tablature but tell me what u thing

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7 Responses to “should i learn to read music or just do tablature for learning to play guitar?”

  1. senzuri said:

    You should learn to read music eventually if you really want to become serious. But if you’re just starting to learn and you’re only interested in having fun, it sounds like tablature will do just fine for now.

  2. Cookie Jar said:

    sounds like tabs are enough
    is where to get the most tabs.
    I never learned it and it never held me back

  3. WhoAmI474 said:

    it’s always much better to be able to read music. before i started guitar 2 years ago, i’d been playing piano for a few years too. because of that, i already knew how to read music going into guitar. it makes things soo much easier. it’s not tooooo difficult to learn either.

  4. phllipe b said:

    niether and none,,, dont waste your time looking for somebody else to learn to play,, the business of music based on stupid asses waiting to be trained dont do it,, learn the chords A thru G, the minors and the 7ths and take it from there,, listen to every note, feel the chords and do what you want,,, the easiest exersises are change the chords move them up and down the neck of the guitar and learn barres to make a deeper tone,, dude take a few weeks and learn the patterns of chords teach your self to learn crap like do ra me fa so la ti do and learn it backwards to,,,,,,,,, you will be rewarded and so might we,lol ask me any you like

  5. RoVale said:

    Learn to read music. You can get a lot farther in it if you know what you’re doing plus you can transfer that knowledge to other instruments.

  6. lupo said:

    learning how to read music is always important. from wut it sounds like u just wanna play and have fun so why dont u start learning as many chords as u can. also try to teach urself scales (or just look it up online) every fret is just a half step apart…whether or not u end up learning how to read music get to know the fretboard well and ull be happy playing. if u ever wanna get serious u can learn how to read music its not all that hard just annoying to practice.

  7. Code Shred said:

    Tabs are fine. Check out this website for free video guitar lessons.


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