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orange chicken recipes?

hi, well I’m planning to make some orange chicken. any good recipes?
i don’t have any ginger or cornstarch……….at least i think lol
well do you need them?
could you replace cornstarch with flower?
>.<" I'm confused ._. HELP! lol oh thank you helma! I've got all those ingredients! oh thank you helma! I've got all those ingredients!

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3 Responses to “orange chicken recipes?”

  1. Dave said :

    If you have limited ingredients, go to:
    You will fall in love with this site!

  2. Helma D said :

    Here a good recipe for you:

    Hope this helps : )

  3. KD -- said :

    Orange chicken used to intimidate me, but no more.

    Whole chicken? Chicken pieces? Chicken strips?????

    I won’t go with whole chicken just to get you started.

    Place the chicken pieces in a roasting pan. Prepare the pan as you would for baked chicken. If you want, you can brown the pieces first.

    Orange chicken needs orange flavor, so get that zest in there!!!

    It needs a bit more acid than the oranges alone will give, so a small amount of vinegar (tbls) or some leftover white wine (you can use more of that) works nicely.

    For me, it has to have garlic.

    Take the meat of the oranges and process them.

    This liquid, the processed oranges, the zest, onions, garlic, ginger and wine, will baste your chicken while it bakes, making sure you use all of the liquid. The sugar from the oranges will naturally thicken as the chicken bakes, I don’t have the need for a thickening agent. But for this, using cornstarch is a better choice. Baste liberally! Or put all of the liquid in at the beginning. And not having giner isn’t too bad, especially if you use wine, vs vinegar. Use what you have and ENJOY.

    Now, as much as a true Culinare may squirm, I have done a chicken breast on top of the stove, with frozen orange juice! Why? because I love the stuff, and don’t always feel like going the long way around for it.
    And no, I don’t thin it with water first!.


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