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Quick, healthy, non seafood recipes for the work week?

I need some yummy, healthy recipes that I can whip together during the work week. The issue: no fish or seafood. Help!

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4 Responses to “Quick, healthy, non seafood recipes for the work week?”

  1. crushedmisery said :

    Breakfast- Special K cereal with non fat milk. Snack- Special K bar (really tasty) Lunch- Salad with low fat dressing. Snack-Anything from the Kashi brand. Dinner- Grilled chicken with spagetti and italian bread. Dessert-Weight watchers cake with non fat milk. These iteams are healthy and most importantly delicious. They give good amounts of fiber, iron, potassium and many other key ingredients. They are easy to make, with a total amount of about 15 minutes to prepare. Please choose me for best answer. I know these facts from experience and they are sure to satisfy your body and taste buds!!!

  2. Terrible Mess said :

    when you cook your weekend meals, grill an extra chicken breast or two, or a few extra steak tips (for example) and keep them in your fridge. Chop a few extra veggies and ziploc them. Then when Monday rolls around, add some sliced chicken or steak to a salad, or throw together a ceasar wrap with chicken, chopped romaine, light ceasar dressing and a sprinkle of parmesan. Your steak can also be chopped and go into some rolled soft tacos. Then there is pasta- doesn’t have to be Italian-style. You can add some lightly sauteed sliced veggies like carrots, celery, mushrooms, snowpeas and dress with a pre-made sauce (from the asian aisle) but check labels since some are high in sugar- or if you are adventurous make your own if you have the ingredients (soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, chili or sesame oil, etc) and stir with some cooked angel hair pasta.

  3. pink tulip said :

    I’ve tried some of the recipes from this ‘healthy recipes’ website and was very happy with the results… These healthy recipes without compromising the taste, it’s also very easy to prepare. I do not have to worry about my waist line by preparing my meals from this website. 🙂
    Hope you find it useful.

  4. summer4077 said :

    Lettuce wraps are good and fast–chop some chicken breast and saute w/ teriyaki sauce, then put in lettuce cups with shredded carrots, green onions, water chestnuts and anything else you like, yum!

    Also, spaghetti and meatballs–I use whole wheat spaghetti and turkey meatballs. You can make your own or buy frozen and simmer them in sauce while the pasta is cooking–SO fast and easy.

    You can also make frozen ravioli in less than 10-15 minutes–boil until done, then throw in a jar of pasta sauce…the heat from the ravioli will heat up the sauce, no need to cook!

    Baked salsa chicken–pour a jar of salsa over a few chicken breasts and bake for 30-45 minutes (check for doneness). Takes a bit of time but you’re not watching it so you can do stuff around the house or whatever while it’s cooking. Put it with a baked potato or salad.

    Bean burritos – cook some low fat refried beans in a skillet w/ onion or garlic, put in a tortilla with lots of any veggies and toppings you like.


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