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Is hypnotherapy a good way of giving up smoking?

I have heard that some hypnotherapists claim 80% success is this true?
Are there any good self hypnosis recordings available?

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7 Responses to “Is hypnotherapy a good way of giving up smoking?”

  1. Tara662 said :

    For some people, yes.

    My first fiance stopped smoking that way.

  2. dr.macgruder said :

    yes! i smoked for one day short of 15 years, and this guy made me quit. i have heard that it only works on some. i am one of the lucky ones…

  3. Mary B said :

    If you are subject to the power of suggestion, there is a good chance hypnotherapy would work for you. I tried it 3 times to no avail, myself. If you want to quit smoking, may I suggest the new prescription Chantix? We have several forums going of quitters and we would love to have you join us for support. Here is the most recent link to our forum. Chantix has been a miracle to a lot of people who have tried every other method of quitting. Good luck!

  4. Tiffany said :

    Most sensible people now realize what a lethal habit smoking is, and want to give it up. Hypnotherapy is quoted by the *New Scientist magazine as the MOST successful anti-smoking aid, with a higher success rate than Acupuncture, a Nicotine Substitute, or other methods. This scientific journal’s report is based on a Meta-Analysis combining the results of 600 studies in various countries, involving almost 72,000 smokers.

    Hypnotherapy can help you to harness and strengthen your own willpower and determination to stop smoking for good.

    * Read full article on

    Find a Hypnotherapist in your area

  5. Jezzter said :

    i made an appointment for my step dad to go to a hypnotist a year ago and he stopped from smoking 3 packs a day since he was 16, hes 42. He had to be open to it though. You have to really want to do it for yourself.

  6. susan w said :

    hiya i tried it and for me it didn’t work think you have to be 100% that you want to stop then see bout spending your money on this might be an idea to try the library for tapes that might help good luck x

  7. Robert G said :

    If you think that you are “open to suggestion” then go for it. This is not the same thing as not being argumentative. You could be the most argumentative S-O-B but still be susceptible to suggestion, at the same time you could be the most attentive and understanding person in the world but still not be susceptible to suggestion. You know yourself best so if you think that you have the right mindset then go for it. I have been to those public hypnotism shows before and they couldn’t crack my mind, so it’s just not for everyone. Good luck!


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