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What are some healthy recipes for teens?

I am a younger teen and im not overweight but i would like to really start making healthier choices. I know what to eat from like what foods from each food groups (Ive been researching) but does anyone have any recipes for lunches that are easy for teens to make? Its summer so im not going to school so it doesn’t have to be things that wont spoil. Just healthy

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8 Responses to “What are some healthy recipes for teens?”

  1. ffl04122007 said :

    Pop Tarts are good.

  2. Me Want Cookie! said :
    is the perfect site for you, it has tons of articles, recipes, advice, workouts etc.

  3. yami said :

    go to they have a lot of healthy recipies and most are simple to make.

  4. kaltham a said :

    go 2 this website

  5. Jewely2951 said :

    I’ve heard going vegitarians for a week at a stretch every once and a while helps, not Peranent though because you need protein and amino acids.

  6. Sweet Nee said :

    sandwiches or salads are always good and healthy if you use whole wheat bread, healthy meats (turkey, roast beef or tuna) and not too much dressings and mayo. You can make all kinds of different salads, use hard boiled eggs, sunflower seeds, cut up some deli meat, a little shredded cheese, salsa, corn, all kinds of veggies. Soup is usually pretty healthy too, not too summery though..

  7. Nicole C said :

    there is some really healthy Italian recipes here

  8. shaun s said :

    I suppose it depends on the buget, buy fresh.

    Tuna salads with some boiled pasta, easy to make at your own taste.
    Add some garlic in the tuna, in a pan with a little cream and some fine chopped mushrooms.
    Can serve on top of a pasta, or even good rice, heat later on in micro, great taste and a good lunch with a bread roll.

    Canned sardines, (YES) and also served with a light salad and brown toast.
    All poured over the toast.

    Cooked ham in lightly made sandwich of good healthy bread, use thin ham.

    A prepared meatball and speg sauce, easy to heat in a micro.
    Prepare the night before and take along to share with some friends who have a micro.
    Pack in micro tight dishes.and bring along a parmo shaker.

    A simple two egg om, stuffed with a little ham, mushrooms, small sliced onion and cooked in a little olive oil served on top of some good old lettuce.

    Last but not least.
    A nice piece of boiled chicken,go for leg and thigh and remove skin.
    Serve on a bed of rice with egg noodle and add some soya sauce for a great taste.

    Keep pasta and rice in the house and after that you just need to think what will go with them.

    Iff all above fails, stay away from the big macs and so on.
    Go for a lightly made pizza, the veg type.

    Good luck and enjoy.


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