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What are some other types of turkey i can use for thanksgiving dinner?

My friends and I want to make a thanksgiving dinner that is cheap and still good. We don’t have time to cook an entire turkey. Does anyone know of any other turkey recipes that don’t take too long and isn’t that expensive? What other “forms” of turkey can i buy at the store to use rather than the whole bird?

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6 Responses to “What are some other types of turkey i can use for thanksgiving dinner?”

  1. deble_2000 said :

    Buy just the turket breast…all white meat and no waste…..

  2. Sarah said :

    I just make a turkey breast. They are much smaller and take much less time. You can get one that feeds three or four people for $6 or $7. You could also cook cornish game hens (like mini-chickens), they take 1 1/2-2 hours.

  3. wedge_antilles_nrsfc said :

    You can buy and roast a turkey breast or try turkey parts – legs and thighs or breasts and wings; turkey medallions – bake them on top of some stuffing like you would chicken.

  4. LOLO South said :

    you can buy turkey breast at boston market breast which is already cook and you can also pick up the veggies an side dishes. You can also go to cosco or BJ they have pre cook turkey breast.

  5. silver_squirrel2 said :

    you can also go to the deli section of your grocery store (winn dixie, walmart, whatever) and get roast turkey, just have them slice it a little thick, and then you don’t even have to cook the turkey, just warm it up. I like to make a pan of chicken gravy homemade (or you can use gravy mixes, or even the jars of gravy) then add the turkey slices and warm them up. good luck!

  6. Nicole said :

    Ground turkey is really versitile and Cheap!

    Rachael Ray has a couple different recipes she has used it in on her show. Try and search in the ingredients…


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