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When preparing Thanksgiving dinner what do you listen too?

So usually when I cook, I like to have some music in the background. My question to you all is: Do you listen to holiday/Christmas music, or just the mainstream music while preparing Thanksgiving dinner?

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5 Responses to “When preparing Thanksgiving dinner what do you listen too?”

  1. pickmefirstplz said :

    not Christmas music

  2. Sweet n Sour said :

    I like to listen to Christmas music, but the mainstream music is fine too.

  3. Isaac's Mommy **9-2-09** said :

    I personally love the holidays considering my bday is Christmas Eve. In my car I love to listen to a radio station that plays nothing but Christmas music around this time of year. It gets me in the spirit.

  4. awommack said :


  5. RICKY said :

    We hear mainstream music all the time, so listen to festival specific song to get in a mood.
    Adam Sandler Thanksgiving Songs are very popular. His two songs, “They wanna hear the thanksgiving song! All right…” and “Love to eat turkey” is among fantastic Thanksgiving Songs. “Creation’s Lord, We Give Thee Thanks” is a melodious Thanksgiving song and “For the Beauty of The Earth” is just appropriate to praise the blessings of the God on Thanksgiving.
    happy thanksgiving


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