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What is a really good cookbook that has very healthy recipes?

what cookbook would you recommend that has healthy recipes? One that you have tried and know to be good.

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4 Responses to “What is a really good cookbook that has very healthy recipes?”

  1. KiTtYfLvR said :

    I like Rachel Ray´s cookbooks. She has so many to choose from with healthy recipes for the family

  2. Seonaid said :

    I learned to cook from the better homes and garden cookbook – great recipes that disclose nutritional values. The ingredients are pretty simple so you don’t have to shop at gourmet stores or purchase stuff you are not use to.

  3. Nick said :

    I use, it gives you recipes using what you already have in your kitchen. And you can sort the recipes by the nutritional info, really helped me with my diet….and my leftovers 🙂 Hope this helps, have fun.

  4. Kathy said :

    I use this website. Chili is very healthy especially when it is chicken chili or turkey chili. I take the recipes for ground beef chili and substitute ground turkey. Chili is also low fat and very low calorie. I throw in whatever vegetables I have. I have also pureed spinach and added it to the chili

    They have such a variety I make different recipes all the time.

    New recipes are always being added



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