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How can i learn to play guitar by myself?

Without teacher. And is it hard to learn to play guitar?How long time it will take?Are there any websites to learn?I’m nearly 13 years old.

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5 Responses to “How can i learn to play guitar by myself?”

  1. said :

    google guitar lessons

  2. Monica said :

    My brother began to teach himself when he was 14 yrs. old by a Guitar lesson DVD that he acquired from our local music store. It really depends on how hard you push yourself to the matter of how long it will take you to learn. I hope this little bit of info helps you out!

  3. Daredizzle said :

    There are a lot of basic lessons on websites like and They’ll first teach you how to read guitar tabs, then there are individual lessons as well. Not to mention you can start learning user-interpreted versions of actual songs.

  4. Sp0rTyChick101 said :

    well im learnin too so and my cosuins kinda helping me because he learned how to play it by himself too and he is REALLY good. for him to be able to play a song and the basic chords took about… idk a couple of months. but thats beacuse he dedicated himself to it. first you should go to google images or somethin and type in basic chords. then you should learn all the chords and memorize them once u do that practice switching them. then u should pick a rlly easy song to practice then learn harder notes then before u no it u’ll be guitarist 🙂 good luck

  5. Craig said :

    get a chord chart and learn to read it and memorize basic major and minor chords. after that memorize 7th chords thats all you should concentrate on if your teaching yourself example would be learning A,Ami,A7 ect. then learn to read tabs (be careful alot of internet tab is very innacurate) and next…the absolute most important thing to do is to try to learn as many songs as you can. search youtube for guitar lessons that show you how to play particular songs. practice them constantly over and over till you can do it. i taught myself 20 years ago and i work as a full time guitar teacher now ive taught hundreds of students. it is very possible to teach yourself…good luck!


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