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What is your christmas day cooking going to consist of?

All of your are definitely making me hungary!

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14 Responses to “What is your christmas day cooking going to consist of?”

  1. Tracy M said :

    Christmas brunch….bacon, eggs, french toast, etc. then later on off to the parents for the traditional turkey dinner.

  2. josie_lam said :

    a tv dinner most probably, I’m all alone this year 🙁

  3. Trynsee said :

    I am doing the traditional Turkey lunch with Christmas pudding for dessert, but am stuck on what to do for a starter. Any suggestions?

  4. jack said :

    I’ll take some coffee from the coffee pot,and maybe even reheat it in the microwave. Beyond that forget about it!

  5. *mrsD2b* said :

    im going to pre-cook as much as possible so i only really have to reheat things on the day..
    so the only things i will really be “cooking” from scratch will be the turkey, gravy and xmas pudding…

  6. Lorelei said :

    Garlic Bread
    Mashed Potato
    Grilled Ribs
    Lechon (incase you haven’t heard of it, it’s a whole roasted pig in the Philippines)
    Filipino Viands (Kare-kare, pinakbet, etc)
    Iced Tea and Pineapple Juice
    Fruit Salad
    Cakes and Brownies for Desserts

  7. Dark Fairy said :

    Hours in the kitchen :-s

    Breakfast:- Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and brown bread and butter.

    Dinner:- Roast Beef, Yorkshire puddings, roast potato’s, carrot and parsnip mash, brussel sprouts, petit pois, asparagus and gravy. For the vegetarians:- Quorn roast, Yorkshire puddings roast potato’s, carrot and parsnip mash, brussel sprouts, petit pois, asparagus and gravy.

    Christmas pudding and cream/custard or mince pies and cream/custard.

    Tea:- Cold meats, bread, pickles, cheese, crackers, trifle, mince pies, christmas pudding etc etc etc.

  8. mauritius_dodo said :

    Just me and the hubby this year and we are having Lobster Bisque, Venison with Chocolate sauce with dauphinoise potatoes and lots of veg (not decided what yet) then Christmas Pudding with flavoured creams – YUM I am starving now!

  9. prettypinkponies71 said :

    Beef vegetables, yorkshire pudding gravy. Christmas pudding. As i dont want to go all traditional with a turkey as all this bird flu flying around !

  10. DeeJay said :

    Cornish Hen’s, Pilaf, vegitables, green salad, and pecan pie. Homemade rolls.

  11. loratwentyuk said :

    me and my fiancee will be waking up at our home and opening our presents and feeding our cats we will probs munch on some chocolate, and get ready and go and visit his parents for an hour or 2, then we will be going to my mams and she will make a bacon sandwich each, and we are staying there all day, my dad is cooking, non of us like turkey so we have a big joint of roast beef, roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings, carrots, turnip, brocoli, sproats and lovely thick home made gravy, for desert we are having a sticky toffee pavilova yummmmmmm cant wait hee hee 🙂

  12. HAZE S said :

    honey glazed ham, potato and macaroni salad, fudge, cookies, lol…i’m getting hungry now, too!

  13. Merry Christmas said :

    I make pancakes for breakfast and then Ham or some kind of meat for the special dinner.

  14. ♥PJ's Mommy♥ said :

    Homemade lasagna, antipasta, broccolli bread and christmas cookies (although, those will already be made, LOL).


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