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Whats your experience with giving up smoking?

Ive currently just started a course of varenicline (Champix), and am just about to quit (one week into course). Have you been on it? How easy was it to quit if you had?

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2 Responses to “Whats your experience with giving up smoking?”

  1. bubbles said :

    I have been smoking for 34 years now, I quit cold turkey 6 months ago, what I did was I limited myself to 10 cigarettes a day and then 9 for the second day, then 8 then 7, so I slowly got down to one and then it was easier to quit. Unfortunately I am back smoking, my dad is dying and I can’t handle this so I went back after quitting for 6 months. Try doing this and see how it works for you, I wish you the best of luck, I will do it again after my situation calms down, good luck again.

  2. dude I said :

    I tried every form of assistance possible. I did quit by throwing out the cigs one evening on my way home from work. I played a game with myself of saying I will go 8 hours without a smoke. The next morning, I said to myself I will go 8 hours more. I kept doing this for about 5 days and finally the urge to smoke subsided.

    After 30 days, I forget that I ever smoked and now you could not pay me to try another smoke (Will be 11 years since I smoked as of February 11th)

    Good Luck!.


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