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What’s a cool cooking utensil I can get my Dad for Christmas?

This may be random, but my Dad loves to cook and he’s a great chef. He likes neat or handy little extra kitchen utensils… so, got any ideas?

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18 Responses to “What’s a cool cooking utensil I can get my Dad for Christmas?”

  1. Clare said :

    Does he have a set of silicon spatulas? They’re very heat resistant, unlike the old rubber or nylon ones.

    Or a good cooking timer and thermometer? The kind with an alarm you can set to go off when the food in the oven reaches a certain temperature?
    Or, how about a good Mandoline Slicer?

  2. autumnmoon9 said :

    Ooh! a flat whisk! Perfect for making gravies, I couldn’t make it through the holidays without mine.

  3. GracieM said :

    An immersion blender…they are handy and easy to use!–immersion+blender.html

  4. musicismylife0789 said :

    A good one is those “Magic Bullet” blenders. I have one and it works wonders 😛

  5. Jillot said :

    what about one of those herb choppers with a double curved blade and chopping board to go with it to chop herbs?

  6. caro31678 said :

    heres some ideas from hgtv. hope it helps

  7. presjerrybrown31 said :

    a nice wooden spoon like olive wood or something like that being a foody myself i find a good wooden spoon is hard to find and make a word of difference when trying to rub fond (caramelized food particles)_from a pan

  8. Paris said :

    A really good and sharp set of knives and a food processer!!!

  9. ha*ha*ha said :

    Magic Bullet. Here’s the infomercial for it:

    It is VERY cool. I have used my friends, and once you start with it, you can’t get enough!

  10. hnash74 said :

    One thing we can’t live without in our kitchen are silicone basting brushes, they are great for indoor cooking and outdoors (and easier to clean then traditional basting brushes.) A mezzaluna and board are nice too, a lot less work to chop fresh herbs. I also love my Adjust – a – cup measuring cup…it’s great for working with stiffer items like peanut butter. Maybe a recipe divider? Crate and Barrel has a lot of great stuff and they are reasonably priced!

  11. suddenly susan said :

    A kitchen blow torch. It comes in handy for so many things yet most people wouldn’t think to buy it for themselves. I use mine for caramelizing the sugar on top of creme brulees, browning the edges on pie/tart crusts, making s’mores at the table, etc. I’ve also seen sushi chefs use the torch to slightly sear raw fish and char vegetables. The slight danger factor makes it that much more fun to use.

  12. Tommy's Girl said :

    I love my silicone oven mitts. They’re indestructible, water proof, and come in all kinds of cool colors. Get him a set for the kitchen and a set for the backyard BBQ grill!

  13. michael G said :

    Let him pick out what he would like. Not the crappy utensils suggested by those non-cooks above. Who knows better than he?

    Get a gift card from Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma.

    – chef instructor.

  14. Donna said :

    Hello Curious Cat,
    I am a restaurant owner and …what is it? Cook or Chef?
    The absolute BEST tool I have ever purchased (or used) are Microplane Graters. Honest!
    Visit the source below to read about them. Then do a little additional research. IF your Dad is a cook (chef) and knows quality …he will love a microplane grater.

  15. chefgrille said :

    In the past, my hubby got me a Polder kitchen timer that hangs on a rope around your neck. It’s really light, and slim, only about a bit larger than a lighter. That way if you’re timing something and have other stuff to do, say in the garage or attic or something, it’s easy to take with you so you don’t forget or don’t hear a timer in the kitchen. (About $12)

    My hubby also just got me an electronic kitchen scale. It’s small, weighs things up to 11 pounds, and has a gram/oz. conversion, and has a tare function It’s so much better than my old spring scale. (About $25)

    He also got me a KitchenAid immersion blender. The reviews online all said it was hard to clean. No way, as long as you rinse it right after you use it and don’t let it cake on.

    And my other favorite is a Tupperware salad dressing shaker. It has measurements on the outside, a daisy-wheel on top, and then a capped lid. You can whip up salad dressing in it, put the daisy in, then the lid and just shake and you have emulsified salad dressing and can serve out of it and store it in the fridge. I have 2 now. (About $8-12)

    Hope any of this helped!

  16. caveman said :

    a good thermometer for ovens and grill combinations? crate & barrel or Potery barn also Sonoma stores?

  17. Lucy L said :

    How about one of the following:

    Mortar and pestle
    Electronic meat thermometer
    Kitchen scale with grams and pounds (lets you convert European recipes to American)
    Knife sharpener
    Stainless steel sieve
    Garlic press
    Candy thermometer
    A chef’s mandolin – for specialty slicing

    Or wander through a home store or web site (Bed, Bath, and Beyond comes to mind, and look at all the new kitchen gadgets on the market.

    Good luck!

  18. ilya.doroshinc said :


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