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What’s the best way to learn guitar?

I don’t have much time in my schedule, but when I do I like to play guitar. I didn’t like lessons and the teach yourself book was junk. Anyone have any tips?

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5 Responses to “What’s the best way to learn guitar?”

  1. jponto21 said :

    Youtube videos can be helpful. Other than that, just keep practicing.

  2. edge_strike said :

    i use a program called guitar pro
    i find it easier than videos
    thats how i learned

  3. Sean C said :

    I use tools like Ultimate Guitar tabs Archive to figure out chords and things for songs. This helped me to learn basic cords and then get comfortable moving between similar cords and quicker fingering. I never took a formal lesson, but I learn and get better every time I pick it up.

    Tabs are goood way to learn if you are starting from scratch. Start simple and work your way up. really listen to guitar riffs when you listen to music.

  4. Jose G said :

    Dude just grab the guitar i’m thinking you know the basic stuff right? well anyways i learn when i was ten just by hearing my favorite music and trying to play it on the guitar. and i learn not the proper way like everyone else i do my own thing and its easy and i can play some kool stuff, so just try it and you have to want to learn, good luck and rock hard i do you will.

  5. lexo80 said :


    Grab a guitar, put on some music that you’d like to be able to play, and start playing along. Don’t worry if it sounds wrong. Keep poking around until it starts to sound more right. Chances are, it will be right.

    In other words, don’t bother learning anything to begin with except the music that you want to be able to play. Once you can get a grip on that, you will want to be able to play other stuff. Later, you may well be consumed by a desire to learn all the modes and the major/minor/altered scales and all about chord substitution, etc., and if so, great. But in the meantime, learn to play the stuff that made you want to pick up a guitar in the first place.

    I had a teach yourself guitar book. I only ever read the first page, which showed me where to put the fingers of left hand in order to fret a note. I worked out everything else myself from listening to records and trying to copy them. It was only later, when I had got as good as I could get from doing that, that I invested in some theory books and opened up a whole new bunch of doors to things I hadn’t even realised you could do on a guitar. But that comes later. First things first: enjoy yourself.


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