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Where in the world do I start to learn the guitar?

I have played piano for 6 years with a teacher and now I want to learn guitar on my own. Where do I start? Is there a really good book to get or website? I dont want to pay for a teacher!
how did you learn?

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6 Responses to “Where in the world do I start to learn the guitar?”

  1. JOHNNY said :

    Well, you probably should start at a music shop or something to get a guitar. I am not sure about any certain books or websites. I
    mostly taught myself to play guitar. I got help from friends and family that play guitar. They wrote down how to play chords and stuff. I practiced a lot. I never really took any lessons either. So if you have any friends or family that play guitar, they could probably help a lot.

  2. guitarguy said :

    If you have been playing piano for six years you should know about chord structures and notes. You should be able to go to websites like and look up tablatures. (the easy way to learn songs) If you prefer to read sheet music then go to a music store and buy a beginners guide. Most beginners’ books will transpose from piano to guitar.

    I learned by getting a teacher and from my friends. It is best to start out by learning to read tablature and gettting your fingers acclamated to the guitar first because you can already read sheet music. Start with easy songs like:
    Smells like teen Spirit
    Smoke on the Water
    Hey there delilah-this is really good for teaching chord changes

  3. Budgie said :

    I’m teaching myself how to play this summer too. I have an old book and guitar, both from the early ’80s.. lol
    I’m just taking it one chord at a time, and taking it from there.

  4. MR.BANG said :

    Oh, you have a HUGE head start by learning piano first. The notation is the same but guitar is actually played an octave higher.

    chords & scales come first . . .

  5. Brian said :

    There is some quality stuff for free online, but the problem you can run into is that the information can be disorganized and sometimes irrelevant to your current level of guitar playing.

    Private teacher’s can get expensive. One thing you might want to do is to check out online guitar courses taught via video by a professional instructor and chapters and chapters of written lessons (I personally recommend Jamorama). These cost a fraction of the price of a private instructor. Here are some reviews here, including a review of Jamorama:

    Also, if you still want to go the free route. Check out videos on Youtube. There are some decent instructional ones on playing guitar. That review site above also has lessons for beginners.

    Hope this helps!


  6. Rosey 2ooo said :

    Try this web site for free tuition on Guitar playing, it covers electric and acoustic guitar chords. It is excellent and has everything you want and need to learn for guitar..

    Good luck.


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