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I’ve always wanted to learn to play guitar?

I’m 16 and always wanted to learn how to play guitar. I previously took piano lessons when I was 13, quit ( Piano isn’t my cup of tea ), and I think I might want to try taking guitar lessons. How difficult is it to start learning guitar compared to other instruments if you have a teacher? I played the saxaphone back in 5th-8th grade for the school band, but I never was that great at it. Thanks!

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6 Responses to “I’ve always wanted to learn to play guitar?”

  1. whitewing_ce said :

    I learned piano as a child too. Just think of guitar strings the same as piano. You are going to hold down certain strings at the same time to make chords, just like holding down certain groups of keys on the piano to make a chord. It is really easy, except for the sore fingers when you are learning. Get a guitar and check it out, you sound like one of the ones who will succeed at it.

  2. ceceliastarlet said :

    sounds like you have an ear for music and you need to pursue your dreams…
    I didn’t start playing the guitar until I was 32..
    play by ear…can’t read music.
    also learned to play the mandolin-2 yrs- (with the help of the Lord–cause I play for Him–gospel music) and I am 57!!!!!!!!!!!
    so go ahead and take your lessons…fingers will be a little sore at first but you “Can” do it.
    and by the way –I had no you know it was God sent!

    God bless

  3. Sam R said :

    Well not to burst your bubble but guitar is thought of as one of the hardest instruments to play. But dont be discouraged by that, cause it’s aswell one of the funnest and most willing to show off. I mean who really likes going around saying “I play the saxaphone.” as opposed to “I play the guitar!” But yeah trust me its never really too late to start playing, I started at about 13 myself and I loved it. Just know that it takes ALOT of patience because everyone starts out wanting to be the next Jimmy Hendrix, but it takes time. Hope I could help. 🙂

  4. chessmaster1018 said :

    I have to be honest….guitar is not an easy instrument to play, and in the beginning it’s very hard on the fingers and hands…it takes at least three months to develop the callouses on your finger tips to be able to play without pain….and your nails on the left hand must be very short, I play classical so my left hand has to have a very particularly shaped nail. I’m giving you some sites to view….maybe from these you can determine if you would like to learn….I teach guitar myself….so I do think that it’s best to have a teacher….but the new sites that are out and the DVDs, Cd’s, and videos are very good.. even though I still think one on one with a teacher is best !!!!! (click on guitar)
    Free Sites (this one has a free electronic tuner)
    I hope that one of these sites gives you what you want…..guitar is a great instrument to play….you’ll never be bored for one thing….and it’s given me years of pleasure !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Holly 2nd Trimester said :

    I am learning guitar at the moment. It’s not that difficult to learn the basics. They say an hour a day will make you good, but I will say start with a paid half hour lesson a week and then do fifteen minutes of practice a day at home at first. You’ll pick it up. It hurts your hands, fingers etc at first but you get used to it fast. Good luck and have fun.

  6. conchobor2 said :

    Any dope smoker can learn to play the guitar. Should be easier for you!

    Takes time and patience. Your fuingers will hurt till you develop callouses.

    Take your time, get private lessons, and have fun.


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