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Did you take your dog to obedience classes?

Did you take your dog to obedience classes?

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16 Responses to “Did you take your dog to obedience classes?”

  1. Nik said :

    No, not unless it was absolutely necessary.

  2. Kelly C said :

    Nope… dont need too, my dogs are trained by me the way I want to train them. Its free, its easy and it works! I dont like paying for something I can learn to do on my own!

  3. jenny4 said :

    i am training her myself
    i house trained her,
    crate trained her (she will go in on command)
    she can sit
    heel (walk at my heel)
    leave it (ignore food, dogs, people)
    she can fetch
    and she can jump

    I have a basenji and i’ve heard so many stories from other basenji owners of being kicked out of training class so I decided to try obedience training my self. she is almost 5 months so I think we are doing pretty good

    Positive reinforcement seems to work best
    (I’ve tried everything else – except electronic collar- and nothing else worked for me/my dog)

  4. starbuckzgirl said :

    Yes cause it was a puppy and it needed to be potty trained

  5. animalsrme said :

    Yes I did and it was money well spent-I have a happy well behaved dog because of it.

  6. answer man said :

    Not my current dog, but I have taken dogs in the past. I learned a lot and it kept me on track with the training. I didn’t slack off because I had to make sure my dog was ready for the next class.

  7. mistyjr86 said :

    No, But i need to with my pug

  8. jumptumblestunt said :

    Yes, but most of the work was done at home. The class was mainly useful for socialization. New owners should definately do it so they have a place to start… I loved my class!

  9. boxergirl said :

    Yes and it was well worth the money. I agree with the answer above in that the class is great for socialization and you must continue to work with your dog at home. If you put a lot of time and effort into the training you will see results.

  10. Christina said :

    Yes I did. My dog was a puppy. He is very well-behaved now, whether that being from classes or not. I liked the classes though.

  11. oliver_lilly_miley_hannah said :


  12. KodaBaby said :

    yes, I do it for the socialization.

  13. Pam said :

    Yes. Even though we’ve had the same breed in our home for 25+ years, we still go to obedience classes. It isn’t just a matter of training, it’s also a matter of socialization!

    They need to learn good social skills EARLY!

    Luckily the lady we go to knows us well. Once a week I go and help her with another group she is training, so our puppy kindergarten (once a week) is free!

  14. Dane Lover said :

    Yes, I’ve always taken my dogs to obedience classes. It is important for not only their training but also socialization and to learn to work around distractions..many dogs can behave reasonably well at home but when they are taken any place..vets, park, relative/freinds house or any other lpace in public they come unglued or lose focus.
    It is also a good way for you to truely focus on your dog and have someone with experience critique you and offer suggestions.
    I’m a trainer and have been for 35 almost 36 years. I’m also an AKC CGC evalautor and I have dogs titled in obedience and rally..and I certainly am very capable of at home training (which is a big part of training), but I think it is also very important to attend classes.

  15. midnightsmokerchic23 said :

    nope my black lab is 5 now but when I first got him I trained him while I was pregnant with my first child and by the time she was born he was potty trained,crate trained,sit,roll over.beg,etc even trained him to go sit by my daughters crib when she was crying it was so cute !!!!

  16. Voelven said :

    Yes. I would call myself a good dog trainer, but obedience class is a perfect opportunity to get my dog socialized with other dogs and for me to train her with the distraction of other dogs being around – it’s difficult to find the same set-up elsewhere.


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