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Who is cooking Christmas dinner since we seniors{granny} have hung it up and retired from doing it?

Is it the end of the big Christmas dinners?
Eqal for all to have that wonderful expensive treat of doing it.
Above should be EQUAL

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7 Responses to “Who is cooking Christmas dinner since we seniors{granny} have hung it up and retired from doing it?”

  1. Jodi Lynn said :


  2. piefkeholz said :


  3. Deb04270 said :

    In our family the children cook the dinner. We rotate between homes each year. This is a tradition in our family

  4. intouch said :

    I am with you on that one. But I am alone and live in a rural area in a thick forest. Nobody but me and the cat and stray dogs dropping by sometimes. I concentrate on tinned goods and frozen supplies. canned chili takes three minutes to heat up and i have develped a taste for lightly salted soda crackers. have chucks of frozen turkey and acorn squash for christmas day. don’t allow myself to dwell on that subject. take insulin and avoid so many things, especial strong drink. merry christmas and good luck on what they serve you.

  5. tonalc1 said :

    In our family, when we celebrated at my mom’s house (who had “retired”), we bought pre-cooked foods, like a ham, and just heated them there. Less stress, and the food was just as good.

    We would alternate locations, so when it was at one of our houses, we would cook.

  6. chefgrille said :

    It does seem like it is nowadays. Everybody’s so busy, they go on vacation, etc.. Luckily I have an aunt who usually hosts the family dinners because she LOVES entertaining. But this year my cousin is hosting it as a combination Christmas/housewarming. Hopefully I’ll be able to host it someday if we get a bigger house. The last one I hosted was 1993.

  7. ha*ha*ha said :

    Grandma still makes the ham and turkey, potatoes, and stuffing! No one makes them better than her! But then everyone else brings the veggies and desserts.

  8. Vinnie said :

    That’s 2 clever by half and 2×2 clever 4 me. Thskna!


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