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I am doing all the holiday Cooking on Christmas eve?

What should I cook? I need snack, appetizer things.

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6 Responses to “I am doing all the holiday Cooking on Christmas eve?”

  1. kctoots said :

    spinach artichoke dip
    clam dip
    burbon hot dogs
    spinach cups
    All that good stuff.

  2. Lilly said :

    anything by paula deen is sure to please!

  3. hnnhlh14 said :

    Try looking through Everyday Food’s magazine. They have lots of really creative ideas for new, or revamped old dishes. You can pick it up while you’re waiting in line at wal-mart. Or you could always look on their webside, if you don’t want the mag:

  4. momx3 said :

    Try They have great ideas.

  5. Reen said :
  6. Selar said :

    cream cheese shreeded cheese mixed with olives or shrimp, for crackers
    chili dip, cream cheese with canned chil topped with cheese warm
    ham, beef turkey sandwiches
    cookies, candies, fudge
    cold salads
    cocktail sausages in bbq sauce
    shrimp cocktail
    stuffed mushrooms
    veges dip
    fruit yougurt dip


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