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Am cooking for a vegan christmas day any ideas?

Theres 1 vegan and 3 meat eaters don’t want to just give her a plate of veg.

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8 Responses to “Am cooking for a vegan christmas day any ideas?”

  1. blondiespam said :

    Wild mushroom soup

    Vegetable dumplings / perogies

    fried tofu with cranberry

  2. crazychick7491 said :

    mash potaoes. or you can get those food taht looks liek meat and sum acttuali taste liek them too but it’s realy not.

  3. Gymbug said :

    cheese lasagna always a favorite for everyone 🙂 Wait do vegans eat chesse? Yeah sure lol. baked potato soup is good and for dessert warm chocolate melting cake 🙂

  4. Phillip B said :

    If the vegan has no food intolerances (do check), then a nut roast can make the omnivores salivate! You can get ready made mixes that you just add water to and slam in the oven, or get a recipe off the Internet – there’s lots of ideas on the Viva site that I’ve bookmarked for you.

    BTW vegans _and_ omnivores need to eat vegetables and can eat exactly the same same provided that you don’t “adulterate” them with butter, lard, etc. Roast in oil; use Pure marg (from most supermarkets) instead of normal marg; if you can, keep the turkey and other meat in a separate oven, but definitely in different trays.

    Also, ask your guest. If she’s like me, she’ll be only too grateful to offer you advice – it shows you care enough to do things right.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. smedrik said :

    eek vegan.

    No, dairy, no eggs, no honey, no meat.

    Tofu or veggie patties, marinated served with cranberry aioli.
    And the veggies that everybody else has.

    Please be warned that mased potatoes, often contain milk and are therefore out. Perhaps switch to a baked potato. Veggies will be fine. I very strict vegan will not eat bread. Or baked goods (eggs).

    For desert you may want to prepare a fruit salad. Using things like spiced pumpkin and sweetened nuts can give it a seasonal flare.

  6. lo_mcg said :

    Have a look at the recipes on this site. Last year we had the creamy mushroom puff, it was delicious and you could make a smaller version for your guest. Plenty of other recipes too.

  7. Anime L said :

    try some tofurky!!

  8. Vegan Kitty said :

    Here’s my usual vegan christmas dinner, if it can help (based on the british christmas dinner):

    brocolli and sprouts, roast potatoes (with olive oil, garlic, pepper and cumin), a Sosmix roast (don’t know if you can get that in the US, if not try a nut roast) with vegan gravy.

    Desert: vegan christmas pudding (I get it in health shops) with soy-custard.

    Merry vegan Christmas!


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