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How can i learn to play the guitar easily?

Is there a way that i can learn to play the guitar with out getting lessons?

I have a guitar and i have had it for years and now i would like to learn how to play it, any ideas?

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7 Responses to “How can i learn to play the guitar easily?”

  1. Punk Chik said:

    It’s difficult to teach yourself. You can buy a lessons book that gives you the basics, but if you want to get good, you need lessons from an actual person. It’s not that expensive.

  2. Kati said:

    I have self taught myself to play the guitar. go to and learn tabs. they are extremely easy to learn and to play.

  3. CocaCoral said:

    Teaching yourself takes effort getting lessons is nothing to be ashamed of
    get a book like someone said
    “easily” is a strong word in this case if you pick up your guitar right now and try teaching yourself you wont know the notes unless you get a book or takes lessons
    well good luck

  4. watsername said:

    Get a mac and go to garage band and Tim will teach you.

  5. Eddie said:

    I would recommend lessons but you can teach yourself. But just remember to focus on technique.

  6. sk8ertom09 said:

    I think lessons would be better. It will take a long time and it probably will be difficult to teach yourself. You can buy a book with tabs and it explains you how to play the guitar or look online. I got lessons from a family member and it took me like a few weeks to learn.
    Good luck!

  7. marine said:

    hey its easy but you need some rules and lesson to start your guitar
    like the name of the each string,chord……
    for this go here:-

    if you want really wants to play a song in guitar after learning the chords try this……..


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