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Can I learn to play guitar with my left hand?

I play good with my right hand but can I learn with my left hand?

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4 Responses to “Can I learn to play guitar with my left hand?”

  1. Shalimar said:

    yup but it will be difficult to switch it is very possible but I bet you will try to strum still with the wrong hand for a while…

  2. patrick star said:

    that all depends whether you are left handed.if you are right handed it will be difficult.if you are left then it is going to be easy

  3. Daniel said:

    I’m left handed and learned to play righty. I’m sure many people have.

  4. Mr. Stab said:

    “I play good with my right hand”
    … then you’re a right-handed guitarist. there’s no point in learning with your other hand unless you want to be a poser with no originality. simple as that.


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