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Should I switch over and learn to play guitar left handed?

I ask because I’m learning now, but I’m learning the right handed way even though I am left handed (the guitar was a gift). I wanted to know if I’d be better off learning it left handed

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3 Responses to “Should I switch over and learn to play guitar left handed?”

  1. blank for now said :

    The guitar was invented by a left handed person soo… Lefties probably have the advantage. Whatever feels comfortable.

  2. Shinedown vs. twilight said :

    i just depends on what make u confurable if right hand is easier then left then do rigth handed if left handed is more confrable then right then do it on u left

  3. Lester G said :

    Keep learning right handed. You are using your left hand – your dominant hand – for fretting, which is more challenging than strumming. There’s no reason to switch.


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