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Does a left handed person need to learn to play guitar left-handed? Or does it not matter?

I have a new guitar student just about to start. He is left handed, but isn’t sure he needs to learn left-handed. Is there a consensus that he is destined to be limited by left handed instruments and learning materials?

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5 Responses to “Does a left handed person need to learn to play guitar left-handed? Or does it not matter?”

  1. OnTheRock said :

    Starting from scratch it would be better to learn right handed (and easier for you to teach him that way). I had a left handed teacher once and it really was hard to transfer what he was doing to what I was doing because it all looked backwards. If you do it, you should sit across from him instead of next to him.

  2. Kab said :

    Left handed
    Learning to play left handed is easier if you are convinced that you can’t learn right handed. Most left handed people soon discover that the fingers of the left hand are much busier and have more demand on their use.
    If you play right handed you can find an instrument easier. You can try the instruments that others use. Others will be able try yours.
    Some teachers find it difficult to teach left handed playing.

  3. BushraZ said :

    Omg! are you a guitar teacher? I seriously seriously need help playing the guitat help meeeeee! Please!!!!!!!!!


  4. gtarczar said :

    I recommend to all of my left handed students to learn to play”right handed” this gives them a huge advantage of having their more coordinated and stronger hand on the neck doing the harder job. It also makes it easier because the majority of guitars are right handed an virtually all learning material is written from the right hand perspective

  5. David said :

    yeah i was left handed , and yet i throw with my right . so he could be ambidextrous. i play right handed but since i have alot more technique in my left i’m able to pull off much harder things. like flamenco guitar


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