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i want to learn to play guitar fast?

any suggestions?? can i teach myself? i have an electric guitar but the DIY dvd’s are worthless and only teaches me the chords…can anyone suggest a book dvd or program that goes into the detail?

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7 Responses to “i want to learn to play guitar fast?”

  1. Jefferson said :

    Guitar is one of those instruments where it’s easy to make yourself look really good when you’re really not. Just learn the G chord, C chord, E minor, D, and F. Then once you get those down (a few weeks tops), take the time to learn all those intricate details. After some hard work you’ll be shredding like a pro. And with the chords you’ll be able to fake it ’till you make it.

  2. Mathew Derriclyns John said :

    Learning is an art which can be done ourselves or with the help of others.

    When we learn ourselves it will take more time to master what we’re learning. it is like learning to ride a cycle on our own without anyone to help. We will always fall down and try again…

    When we learn from others, we earn the time they had spent in learning it. it is the same when someone is guiding you to learn cycling which you would learn to balance in minutes and ride it the next minute.

    Learn from the masters and you’ll master it in no time…

    if you already know to play guitar then i would suggest you to go for books or virtual fret-programs like one given below

  3. Shelby Wylde said :

    go ricky westerfield at the master’s light house in manchester ky. he is the boss king pin of shredding.

  4. K-ron said :

    a private teacher… seriously. call your local music shops. if not. learn your pentatonic scale. and alternate pick it up and down for hours. alternate picking is up/down/up/down or down/up/down/up picks

  5. LadyFenyx said :

    Why does everybody want to be geniuses within two days of getting an instrument? It kind of defeats the point of people spending YEARS to master an instrument, right?
    Go get a teacher and put in some hours, it’s the only way. If you already play another instrument, it’s easier to learn a new one, but I suggest you get some help with it.

  6. guitarpicker56 said :

    Some quality responses are given to the asker’s question of wanting to be an instant guitarist, but the reply of LadyFeny hits the target succinctly. In my experience of teaching beginners that want to play like Clapton within a week’s time they are generally the students that drop out because the fingertips hurt and are not willing to move beyond the pain for two weeks.

    Those that want instant gratification in every pursuit they begin are too often disallusioned with their progress and move on to something else. Yes, you can learn three chords and play basic songs with that knowledge, but to claim any mastery over the instrument is moot.

    I suggest getting Hal Leonard’s Beginning Guitar Method Book One and start with learning how to tune the guitar, care for it, and get into the simple chords and basic music theory with the accompanying exercises. You can get the CD with the booklet if you desire to spend a few extra bucks. Many beginners, sad to say, do not have the motivation and staying power to work through the theory exercises and are quick to shuttle the guitar under the bed.

    My last student was an 12-year old girl that had the electric guitar and small amp, thinking that she would be flailing away as another Clapton, Santana, or Vai within a week because “her brother learned quickly too.”

    I told her mother that I could not in all conscience take her money knowing that her daughter was wasting our time. After three months of lessons I stopped teaching her. She could not move beyond the painful fingertips and the theory exercises and the demand to practice every day.

    My advice: if you want to learn how to play the guitar build the motivation and drive to do so regardless the length of time it takes to master the instrument.

  7. TheGrandOnion said :

    Do you mean play it fast or learn it fast?

    Either way, a teacher is the way to go. Just take your time finding the right one. Its like the DVD lessons you can buy at yonder music store. Some of the instructors on those DVDs are dry as dust while others assume you already know how to play every scale & mode known to man & will understand what they’re talking about. Some are so music theory saavy they’ll talk about the natural 7th degree of this chord in this key & assume you know what they mean.

    Look around, ask the music store people if there’s anyone they recommend who can teach you what you want to know. Personally I learn better thru books. I got a DVD & couldn’t understand it well on the 1st go. After some more ‘woodshed’ time w/ one of my books, I was able to go back to the DVD & THEN understand it 😉

    good luck!


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