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Can some one learn to play the guitar even if the person has never known anything about music?

Have always been fascinated with the guitar. want to hold it and play it and just enjoy myself. even while humming a tune or a song…it just gives me soo much pleasure and peace. but i know i am not singer, can i still learn the guitar???

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4 Responses to “Can some one learn to play the guitar even if the person has never known anything about music?”

  1. ASB12K7 said :

    OF COURSE YOU CAN! That’s what defines a “beginner!” And age doesn’t matter much when it comes to music. If you’re doing it because you want to, and not cuz you want to please someone else, you’ll succeed.

    How do you think beginners start? It takes that initial push. We aren’t born knowing what a clef looks like or how to play like John Meyer.

    My advice to you is to find a friend or teacher you like, take some private lessons until you feel confident enough you can read music and progress independently.

    It’s always hard at first. You’ll get blisters in the beginning, and you won’t see the point of the beginning exercises because you want to play something you or your friends will recognize. But it takes time and practice!! Master the basics, and you’ll be strumming as if you have your entire life in no time. Buy some beginner books from the local music store and listen to recordings. A lot can be accomplished just by listening.

    Good luck!!

  2. insertnamehere said :

    definitely! if you have the passion for it, u can definitely learn the guitar, i think that’s what it takes to learn an instrument, passion, as long as you want to, you can definitely learn! it doesn’t matter if you have no idea about music, you can start by playing the guitar! try focusing on learning chords first, then go ahead to learn tabs, try googling each of them, you’ll be able to find lots of music in just practice! look to get a good teacher too

  3. Sal Chaech said :

    The day you were born, you didn’t know a damn thing about anything.

    The possibilities are endless. If you apply yourself, you can learn pretty much anything you want.

  4. ddrum said :

    Absolutely, I was a drummer before learning guitar and everyone knows that drummers don’t know anything about music ( :


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