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Damn, can I ever learn how to play a guitar without joining any music classes at all?

I have this acoustic guitar given by my relative last year. However, I don’t know how on Earth to play a guitar! To make things sound even bad is the fact that I NEVER enrol myself to any music classes at all since I was young. Now, at the age of 16, I hardly have the free time to join music classes because my main focus is on studies. Now that my holidays are here, I decided to start to learn playing the guitar WITHOUT entering music classes. Is that possible for a beginner to play a guitar without attending music classes? What should I learn? Well, just so you know, I learned guitar anatomy already, and that’s it! That’s all!

I don’t understand those musical notes, tabs and whatever they call it. lol. Anyway, is there any thing that I can do to catch up with the basics of playing the guitar? Any website that does not require signing up that you guys wanna recommend to me? I seriously need some help here. I did my research on guitar, still I can’t understand those explanations!!!

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3 Responses to “Damn, can I ever learn how to play a guitar without joining any music classes at all?”

  1. flipper said :

    i also tried to learn to play guitar by myself. it did not work out so well, so i simply quit.
    i dont like joining music classes, classmates might laugh at me if i make mistakes.

  2. Dan said :

    Yes I know this sounds boring and expensive…but. One on one instruction for a beginner is priceless. Find an instructor that will work at your pace and only do want you want to do (They ARE out there). You don’t have to go once a week or more…maybe just once every one or two weeks until you get enough basic skills to go out on your own. I took 8 months of lessons about every one and a half weeks for thirty minutes. This gave me the basic information needed to feel comfortable with playing covers and my own stuff. Just remember try and get some practice EVERY day.

  3. Krungtep said :
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