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Im thinking about to learn to play guitar. Acoustic? Electric?

I dont even know if i spelt those right, but which is better or easier to learn for a beginner?

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11 Responses to “Im thinking about to learn to play guitar. Acoustic? Electric?”

  1. David J said :

    Electric is easier to play, as the neck is usually narrower and the strings are lower to the fretboard. The pickups also do the work for you, so you don’t have to hit every string perfectly.
    Acoustic is better to learn on though, as it’ll progress your ability quicker due to being slightly harder to play. The acoustic neck is wider, the strings are higher off the fretboard, and if you make a mistake with your fingerwork, the instrument wont be as forgiving as an electric.

  2. simply_me said :

    I’d suggest acoustic if for no other reason than you don’t need an amp in addition to the guitar and you can take it anywhere.

  3. Dave said :

    Well, there is really no easy way to learn. It takes LOTS of practice but it really pays off in the end through what you gain from it. Plus, others get a lot out of it too so it’s a win-win situation. But back to the question – I recommend acoustic. You don’t need an amplifier or effects pedals, just the instrument. Another thing I suggest is getting a nylon string guitar. It’s much easier on delicate fingers with no callouses. The neck is wider & more difficult to fret at first but once you learn something on a large neck, it’s easier on another guitar. So if you learn something on a nylon (also called a Classical sometimes) once you graduate to electric – which is kind of a natural progression – you’ll be a step ahead. Good luck and don’t give up. It takes time but like I said, it’s worth it!

  4. jennnyykk<3 said :

    i learned it from that one first and my teacher said that you should start with a acoustic cause its easier.

  5. Mr. Knowitall said :

    Years ago when I learned we all started on acoustic. But I think it depends on what kind of music you want to play. If your idea of guitar is just ‘shredding’, then start on an electric.

    Also, though I am an acoustic person myself and don’t have a lot of experience on electric guitars, I think a cheap ‘beginners’ acoustic is easier to play and sounds nicer than a cheap electric. The neck on most acoustics is wider and easier to finger and the strings aren’t as hard on your fingers.

  6. eljefe3030 said :

    I suggest acoustic as a way to start. It’s a bit harder to play and will help you develop calluses on your fingers more quickly.

  7. jmd217 said :

    I would say an acoustic electric. I have one. Basically it sounds just like an acoustic, but it can be hooked up to an amp and you can make it sound electric if you want. I really enjoy. Basically it just has a jack in the guitar that can hook up to amps, computers and anything else. If you don’t want to go that route, than I would say to get an acoustic guitar. They are fun to play and also easier. Majority of the songs you here on the radio can be played on an acoustic. Stay away from the brands that are sold at stores like walmart and target. If you get one make sure it’s a good brand. The best brand is Washburn. Than Gibson. They can get expensive though. The other good brands are Ibanez and Yamaha makes some good ones. I would suggest a guitar shop, that way you can ask questions. When you first start out on the guitar, you can’t really tell any difference between a bad and a good guitar. I just want to help you get one that will be good and last you forever. Once you get the guitar, there are a lot of places that have lessons on the internet that can help you. Also tabs are pretty easy to read once you learn and they will teach you. The best one that I know of is If you need anymore help just email me and let me know.

  8. livesoundtech said :

    Acoustic and electric guitars are exactly the same thing, they just feel and sound different. Acoustic guitars come in steel-string models and nylon-string models. The frets, notes, everything else… same as electric. Both are easy to learn on, and I have taught people on both. Everyone asks this question, but I don’t know why, because they aren’t two different instruments… they are the same exact instrument… one of them can be plugged in and one can’t. Acoustic-electric guitars are acoustic guitars that can be plugged in. Those are ALSO the same. A guitar is a guitar, so choose your preference and get started! Choose the one you like best, because they are played identically.

  9. ♫oHiO is for LoVerS♫...♫ ♫ said :

    Acoustic for beginners…and Yes you do spell it right

  10. chessmaster1018 said :

    There’s really no difference, but I tell all my students starting out on guitar to get an acoustic….you can get a really nice sounding one at the Guitar Center….for $200.00…even less on sale….or ask the clerk for a deal…their very good with that. Just make sure that you play it first… I tell all studentts…if they have five of them play them all…they may all look alike but they sure don’t sound alike….check for action and sound….make sure that the strings are not too hard to press down to get a decent sound. Your family will thank me….there’s nothing worst then listening to someone playing electric guitar who doesn’t know how…..wait until you learn how to play and then look at electric !!!!! Why spend all the money for electric, amps, geer, etc….when your not even sure that your going to like it….or have the talent to play it….here are some free sites to check out to see what you think….the other sites are a lot better…..they give some free lessons or things like guitar charts, tuners, etc. and then they want you to buy their online lessons, DVD’s, Video’s, Cd’s, or books ,some of these are very good and well worth the money…. let me tell you I wish that they had this when I first started !!!!!!!
    Free Sites :
    Great Sites : (free electronic tuner on homepage, upper right hand corner) (click on guitar)
    I hope that you find something here that can get you started…’s a great hobby….your never bored when you can play guitar….good luck to you….bye !!!!!!!!!

  11. rudy_dacosta said :

    It is a common misconception that it is best to start on a acoustic guitar. I learned this a long time ago. I started on an electric guitar and have never looked back.


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