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I’m 17 and want to learn how to play guitar. How should I go about learning to play?

I love rock music and really want to learn how to play guitar. So what kind of guitar and equipment should I get and how and where can I learn. Also should I start with acoustic or electric or does it really matter?

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3 Responses to “I’m 17 and want to learn how to play guitar. How should I go about learning to play?”

  1. cheker said :

    You have two routes.1) Take private lessons 2) Go to a school for it. Generally young people start with choice 1 and then if get very serious move to 2. You’ll definitely need an a average priced acoustic guitar for a start. No matter you’ll play classic or rock. Hope this helps…

  2. Brooke said :


    First, get a guitar – I recommend learning on an acoustic guitar. The fretboard is wider so your fingers are more spaced out (you can see what you’re doing more clearly), you don’t need to buy anything expensive like an amp (and electric guitars are generally more expensive than acoustic) and when you switch to electric you’ll be able to play really well since it’s smaller. Also get some good guitar picks (plectrums) – I recommend Dunlop ones.

    Some music stores do beginners guitar kits which give you a cheap guitar, some plectrums, a case and things like that. I got my first kit when I was 11 and it cost £99 (about $150.)

    Then, decide how you want to learn. Private lessons can be really expensive, and it’s difficult to find one who specializes in rock music. I give free online guitar lessons on YouTube, with a new one every week. I’ll soon be taking song requests, but until then I’ve done lessons on how to read chord diagrams, how to play a Kings Of Leon song and loads of basic chords.

    Check out my videos, I think you’ll find them helpful 🙂 if not then you can go about finding alternative teaching methods. Just don’t teach yourself from books because they won’t go into enough detail and don’t provide enough visual material.

  3. nataliagurgurovaf said :


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