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how do you learn to play guitar when no one is around to teach you!?

i want to learn to play guitar really bad! but i don’t have anyone to teach me. i’m home schooled so i can’t join band or anything, and my dad is gone all the time and i don’t drive so i can’t go to lessons.
i have a guitar but i don’t know how to tune it or anything.
i really want to learn so i can write songs 🙁
i’ve tried teaching myself but it’s so frustrating!
what do i do?

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4 Responses to “how do you learn to play guitar when no one is around to teach you!?”

  1. crazYb**H said :

    WELL Get umm BOOKs ANd juS tRy It OR u cAn ALso lEARn TRough thE CompUTER

  2. Joan H said :

    Go to the library, and get some books on the subject. They should have tapes or CD’s that will show you how to chord, read music, etc also. Learn to read music, please. You can chord and sing at the same time, but you should learn how to read music, so that you can pick the tunes. Good luck to you,

  3. daydreamer113 said :

    There’s your answer if you want to learn online. is totally free and is a very good website to teach yourself.

    If you want a book, buy Teach Yourself Visually Guitar.

  4. wfits said :

    Haha, I am entirely self taught, I know exactly what you mean. Teaching yourself is a matter of perseverance and patience at first, I know from experience, it was so incredibly annoying that I put the guitar down for 6 months. Suddenly, it just kind of snaps. Once you form callouses on your fingers, you will find it easier to press down the strings.
    A good tuning site can easily be found on the internet, such as:
    Also, the very first song I learned was Deja Vu (Take Me Back) by Van Halen. Just keep practicing, you may think it comes soon, but making it sound great takes a few days to weeks. Just keep PLAYING! Eventually, within a year, teaching yourself new songs and looking at random chords and stuff will enable improvisation, mad licks, etcetera, just keep at it, I guarantee it’s not as corny and cliche as it sounds lol!
    email me, I’ll reply, I promise!


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