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What is the program to learn to play guitar quickly for a fairly talented person with no music knowledge?

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3 Responses to “What is the program to learn to play guitar quickly for a fairly talented person with no music knowledge?”

  1. lawngnomelord said:

    its called listening and practicing if you actually want to learn any instrument

  2. chessmaster1018 said:

    I don’t care how talented musically that you are it takes time to learn to play guitar….there are no short cuts….it takes three months just to get the callouses required to play without pain, you have to train you finger and hand muscles on both hands, you have to learn to read music, know the different keys, chords, all the notes on the fingerboard, theory etc. It’s taken me years to learn to play classical guitar…and I’m sure that all your rock players have spend years practicing, no one that I know just picked up a guitar and learned to be proficient on it in a year or two, it takes hours of practice and hard work, and lots of hand and finger pain !!!!!!! Perfect pitch it about the only way I could think of a person learning as quickly as you seem to want to…people like Mozart, Bach, Beethoven had this but not many people do. Can you hear a song like Sweet Child of Mine for the first time and play it note for note….that to me would be a talented person. I’m sorry if this upsets you but that’s the way it is, anything worth knowing does not come easy !!!!! Write to any guitarist that you admire and ask him/her how long it took them to learn to play the way that they do and I’m sure that they’ll tell you it took years of hard work….bye !!!!!!

  3. chinmusic851 said:

    I’ve met people who have invested all their instrument playing time to one piece of music. So they can play the heck out of that song but they can’t do anything else. They don’t even understand what they’ve learned. They can’t improvise or “play it with feeling”. If you want to be a one trick pony then go for it. If you want to try to master the instrument, getting professional lessons and buying the best guitar you can afford will greatly accelerate your learning.


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