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Do you know good places to learn guitar?

I just started 3 days ago,I need some one to teach me or a good sight,i mean I’m a pretty fast learner but the darn f note gets to me.I need to learn what goes with each other and is there anything i can learn from?

I have no money to learn but allot of free time.

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4 Responses to “Do you know good places to learn guitar?”

  1. ReTr0 Fly K!D said:

    GREAT QuesTIoN i would liek to know 2

  2. Dahumpalay™ said:

    Youtube is one site i would recommend. just search for ‘”basic guitar tutorial”

  3. Patrick O said:

    Type in the song you want to learn and put “lesson” after it and it will come up.

  4. ~*India*~ said:

    also search up lessons on

    two great sites that have helped me in my learning…I am self-taught 🙂

    Hope this helps, Indy


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