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Can I learn to play guitar on a cheap, no brand guitar?

Well, I had an Epiphone LP Custom, but I sold it when I was in need of money and now all I have is a shitty strat copy. Has anyone learned to play at a high level with something like this? I personally think its the player and not the guitar, but some success stories would be nice.

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3 Responses to “Can I learn to play guitar on a cheap, no brand guitar?”

  1. NoneOfYourBusiness said :

    You can learn to play on any guitar it doesn’t really matter what kind it is, unless you use an acoustic and want to play on an electric. But I don’t think it makes a difference

  2. Torbjorn said :

    First off, you have to make do with what you got and then take it from there. And yes, you can make music, play and learn on any guitar as long as it is set up at least to a minimum of playability.

    Many great musicians have started out on really crappy guitars and basses. Just think of the Beatles, arguably the greatest band that ever were. The thing they began with was junk basically. The famous McCartney Hofner violin bass was a very cheap german thing he bought because he couldn’t afford anything else at the time.

    Whether or not you can get to a very high level playing on a cheap thing is another thing all together. All artists and bands I’ve read about, which started on the sub standard things, all picked up better equipment as soon as they could afford to.

    I sincerely wish you all the success in the world!

  3. Natalie said :

    Private guitar lessons are really expensive, you could purchase a book or software program for probably the equivalent of just 1 or 2 lessons.

    Two programs I strongly strongly suggest, and have personally used:

    Alternatively you could check here for something:


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