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what do i need to learn to play guitar songs?

I took a class in seventh and eighth grade on guitar, and we never did any chords. I am wondering what I need to learn and do to be able to play popular songs. I would love to get some links to go to. Thanks

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3 Responses to “what do i need to learn to play guitar songs?”

  1. Steven Smidley said :

    All you need is patience, persistence, and a guitar. Here are some links for you:

    How to Read Guitar Tabs Video:

    After you learn how to read tabs you could be playing a simplified version of Fur Elise by Beethoven:

    And if you have the patience to memorize a lot of notes here is the Super Mario Bros game Tabs:

    It’s going to take many hours of practice to be good at guitar but it’s so much fun it’s worth it. Be patient with yourself.

  2. Alex said :

    also, this link here>
    with the toolbar you have handy search functions to guitar tab for songs, lyrics, and other stuff.

  3. Michael England said :

    Definitely start with chords. Then go from there with learning songs and advancing on to other things. Here are a couple of things you can check out. My you tube site which has some videos on learning chords and stuff like that.

    Also, if you really want to learn guitar you should check out my instruction site.
    I teach through videos and answer questions and all of that on the site. It’s only $19.95 per month.

    Michael England


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