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fun and easy recipes with almonds?

i love them in a korma but dont know how to make korma lol. but im looking for more healthy recipes with almonds that are easy and tasty thanks in advance
no i have never made marzipan is it easy?

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4 Responses to “fun and easy recipes with almonds?”

  1. Spun sugar said:

    Grind them and use as a crispy coating for fish. Dip fish in milk, then in seasoned almonds (seasoned with salt & pepper), then fry in oil & butter.

  2. quizzacalquestioner1323123 said:

    Cookies with whole wheat flour and reduced sugar if you have sugar covered almonds it will make up for it trust me or you can cover the almonds in yoggurt or put them in a crepe.

  3. coinman said:

    crush them and make like you would a praline.
    they are delish!
    have you ever made marzipan?

  4. Brandi Cervantes said:

    I would grind them, then use that as flour in your favorite cookie recipe. You could also beat eggwhites, fold in sugar and cinnamon and then fold the almonds in that. Bake on 350 for 7 minutes.


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