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Is it too late to train my dog now?

I have a female Pomeranian. She is 1 year and three months old. She will sit if you have a treat for her but that’s about it. A friend of the family who claims she is an expert on how to train dogs discouraged me the other day saying that my dog is too old and stubborn to be trained now. Is she right? My dog can be stubborn at times, but she is clever, and if you use a stern tone she’ll listen. But is it too late to train my dog basic commands now?
Gene: go to hell.

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9 Responses to “Is it too late to train my dog now?”

  1. FelineCb said :

    No you can still train her to do things like lie down, roll over, speak, shake, etc… She probably wont ever be a seeing eye dog or anything but you can teach her basic commands.

  2. Gene said :

    She’s right kill it pomerians are ugly as sh*t

  3. Citlaly Maldonado said :

    Is never late to train your dog. It will be harder but if you have patience it will work out.
    Im a breeder of poms,yorkies,huskies,Chihuahuas. I now each breed well.

  4. Angel said :

    Don’t listen to your friend. Any dog, no matter the age can still have a chance at being trained. With the help of a reputable obedience school, and your love and patience, your dog should be able to get trained to learn commands and also behave well. Sign up your dog for a beginner obedience course at a good obedience school in your area and prove your friend wrong!

  5. Holly said :

    She is absolutely wrong. Any dog of any age can be trained. All it takes is the trainer to be patient and consistent.
    Do not listen to your family friend. She obviously doesn’t know a thing about dogs. Perhaps you should enrol in obedience classes. You could also pick up a book on training to help you do it right. I really like the book “Dog Training for Dummies”. Maybe give that one a shot.

  6. Dbug said :

    No, one year old dogs are still very trainable! Have you ever watched the dog wisperer? He trains dogs that are years and years older. The trick is to understand that dogs are pack animals. If you do not step up as the leader of the pack, your dog will. You need to be consistent. I would strongly recomend finding a good trainer (not petco!). But if money is an issue, read some books. Go to and do a search for Ceasar Millan, his books would be a good starting place.

  7. Ariana P said :

    OF course not. The “trainer” that said that, obviously knows little-none about training dogs. ANY dog and ANY age can be trained and trained the same as a puppy would be. It might take a bit longer as they have been set in their ways with no direction or discipline, but it can be done with consistency and set rules. Good luck and I wish you and your companion fun training and learning together !

  8. Onyx Ignite said :

    A year and three months? Your “trainer” friend says THAT is too old? What does she do, start training dogs the second they pop out of their mom and then stop training them when they’re weaned off because that’s “too old”?

    As far as I know, you can still teach a dog SOMETHING until it’s dead in it’s grave.

  9. Lauren Reed said :

    One of my dogs is 14 and I’m teaching him all kinds of new tricks. The saying that old dogs can’t learn new tricks is the worst lie in the history of forever!

    Happy days with you and your four legged friend! 🙂


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