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How to train my dog to bark at the right time?

Whenever my neighbours passby my corridor, my dog will run over to the door and start barking at my neighbour which scares my neighbour away. I feel very sorry, as my neighbour are afraid of dogs too. I don’t want my dog to bark at my neighbours or friends, but if there are some stranger who are trying to break in or something, then my dog should bark.

How can i train her?
(Please don’t give stupid question just to earn points, Thank you)

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6 Responses to “How to train my dog to bark at the right time?”

  1. James H said :

    Have a look here.

  2. vetta b said :

    let the ppl you wnat ur dog to not bark at come rub her and let her smell them to let ur dog know they r friends and then u talk to ur dog at the same time while they r doin that try that cuz i did and my dog dont it anymore plus i hit my dog on the nose too i dont know how far u will take it but der u go

  3. mizpriz30 said :

    Petco offers training classes for a reasonable price, and when we took our dog to training, it was a lot of fun. I don’t know if this will help with the barking, but it could give you some insight on how to change her behavior.

  4. JB said :

    A bark collar might teach your pup to not bark at the neighbors. However, dogs bark to alert the pack (ie: you and your family). You might want to think twice before correcting something that your pup does instinctivly for your own protection. Have you introduced your pup to your neighbor/friends?? Does your pup know that they are “safe”?? Is she barking to play?? Consider these things before repremanding her for something that is normal to begin with.

  5. anand p said :

    do nt try doing all these things on your own just send him for a training programme for some days…

  6. ELODIE F said :

    When your dog bark at people who you like shout at him with an imposing voice to frighten him after several times he will be afraid of barking at stranger,or talk the neighbor to bring some food for the dog and the dog will like them Choose the second option if you do not want your dog to stop barking at everybody if so the first option will be successful.Trust in me i have several dogs since my childhood and till today i never have problems with them.When you adopt a puppy train him till small so as not to have problem with him when he grow older.


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