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How can I train my dog to go in a litter box?

My dog is 2 years old and he’s been going in the backyard of my house. I was wondering if they’re is anyway i can train him to go in a litter box like cats do?

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9 Responses to “How can I train my dog to go in a litter box?”

  1. Ami C said :

    Well normally dogs don’t go there and it is going to be really tough but the only thing I can think of is to do it the same way you would a cat, but normally they learn that from there mother early in life! But you can try, if he looks as if he has to go potty put him in the litter box. Observe him closely and make sure he is using it and scolding him when he is not, he will catch on soon! GOOK LUCK!!!

  2. lee t said :

    dogs like firm ground kitty litter will spooke him fill box with dirt it may work

  3. NY at heart said :

    pick your lazy butt off the couch and take him outside.

  4. chetco said :

    At this age, it would be very hard. He is doing it in the right place, and you would be re-training him to do it in the ‘wrong’ place ( in the house, which has always been a no-no)
    However, I will post a good site, if you are handicapped and can’t take him out.
    This is a good site, and I can agree with all but the part where she says to ‘shout’ at the dog!!..

    However, if he lifts his leg to pee, a litter box will never work..

  5. Softco S said :

    Visit and consult Breed Expert and Panel of doctors free of cost

  6. tlh_98 said :

    I personally havent used it but here is a Purina product (Second Nature) & information to help get you started:

  7. malsofanic said :

    It’s possible 🙂
    what you can do to encourage your dogs to pee/poop in the box is to line the box with newspaper and take another old piece of newspaper and soak up their pee and place it under the rest of the newspapers. this will cause the pad to have the light smell of their pee… and thus encourage them to do their business there. another method is using the help of a housebreaking aid. it can be purchased at pet stores. just drip a few drops of the housebreaking aid in the box… and they will be encouraged to do their business there.

    Try it! 🙂

    …Annabelle 🙂

  8. John N said :

    Hi ,
    Well i found this really helpful guide ,its a really professional training called sit stay fetch , it teaches you how to train your dog by yourself , check it out at , its a easy step by step videos and book Hope this helps you with your dog
    Good luck

  9. Thomas C said :

    go to , they have all kinds of trainings that can help you with you dog,


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