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How to train dog to stay home alone?

When we want to leave the house my dog really wants to come when he cant. So we tell him to stay but he doesnt listen and he keeps jumping on us. Then when we go to open the door he runs out of the door and wont come back in. We tell him to come and he wont come back in. It takes about 10 minutes fo finally bring him back in. What to do to stop this and make him understand he’s not coming?

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7 Responses to “How to train dog to stay home alone?”

  1. Webkinzluvr said :

    try getting a crate and putting him in it before you leave so he eventualy falls asleep

  2. Michael S said :

    Well, your dog must understand that he’s not the center of your world because at the moment he thinks he is. Always make sure that you’re not giving him attention when he WANTS it.. this is not to say dont give him attention at all, only give it to him when he’s being good, that is sitting down quietly— then offer him a game, a run around or a play or something. He must know that he gets it on your time, not whenever he wants it. When you come back home don’t have such a high key entrence such as “HI DOGGY!!!” just ignore him. This WILL be hard, i do it with my dog and it breaks my heart to see him there wanting my attention, but it will eventually teach your dog that he wont get what he wants when he’s asking for it. Do this when you leave the house to, when he’s jumping at you try not to make a fuss but go about your daily routine of leaving the house. As for teaching him how to “stay” it requires persistance. Get a treat, make him sit and then say “STAY” in a firm and low voice and stick your hand out like a stop sign. Walk backwards and the second he tries to get up, push him back into the position. When you’re happy that he has stayed long enough, give him the treat. Make it longer and longer each time, then when you’re confident, apply this to when you’re leaving the house. Say STAY in a low and firm voice and leave…. Once again, no “GOODBYE DOGGY! I’LL BE BACK, I LOVE YOU!” it wont hurt his feelings i assure you, dogs are very different to humans.

    Little things aswell.. always walk through doors before him, especially your front door or gate. Use the stay technique if you end up teaching it, then walk through the door and once you get outside, call him to come and give him lots of praise when he does.

    I hope i have been of help. A very good trainer taught this to me and my little puppy is an angel thanks to her. Your dog wont think you dont love him if you ignore him, trust me, there are so many chances to give him love.

  3. Lori said :

    We had the same problem. We started with a crate with a blanket and toys and a reward upon returning with praise. A week later, we discontinued the crate and just blocked off the kitchen. Again, reward upon returning and tons of praise. Then we expanded her territory as she got older and continued with rewarding and praise. There are days when she still won’t listen (very few) and to prevent the “escape” I attach her to her lease around the base of the coffee table and put down her doggie blankie and chew toy. I do this when I’m going out for a very short time or if I am preparing a meal in the kitchen and have to run out to get a missing ingredient, especially if I’m making chicken – I’m so scared of her ever getting a chicken bone !! Otherwise, when we leave, sit, stay, be a good girl suffices – generally she will go curl up on the couch or lay on her blanket. She knows she is going with us only when we say “Wanna go in the car?” So get him used to a specific phrase when it is time for him to go with you and that will help him learn if you don’t say the phrase, then he’s staying home. Good luck !!

  4. Honeysadsam said :

    You can put him in the crate or an exercise pen with a piece of yummy treat. By doing that, he associates staying in the crate or the pen is fun.

  5. str8putter said :

    Crate Training or Tie him up somewhere out of site where he can not see you get into the car.. maybe in the back yard somewhere.
    but Crate training is the best, then when you get home put him on a leash before you take him out of his crate

  6. Old Cop Dog said :

    This is not a unusual problem. You will have to set up a safe area. Be it the laundry room, bathroom or crate. Try and train him to go there by a command. The last thing you need to do right after you put him in the safe area is turn on some soft music, just loud enough so he can’t hear you leave. That’s it..good luck

  7. Michele L said :

    I just went through the same thing new puppy barked when alone thing. Best thing is crate training I hated it at first but it works I got a wired one actually and she loves it it is her own little space when we go to work we put her in it do not talk to acknowledge the dog may sound mean but if you pet him and all that he thinks that is all he has to do and bang you let him out. make it cozy get a nice soft blanket no food a little water and some toys and I suggest a nice nylabone or so gives them something to keep them busy. when you are home leave the door open within a few days he will go in and out on his own because that is his space his nap place my new pup loves it and when you get home no talkin to him first thing you do is get him out walk him or put him in the yard when he calms down and does his potty then you love him to no end trust me I hated doing this at first but it does work


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