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Would a dog trainer actually train your dog to be house broken?

My friend thinks that i could just take my dog to a trainer for a few weeks to train my dog to be house broken, and it will stop her from going inside. I don’t think he is right, but just thought i would ask.

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6 Responses to “Would a dog trainer actually train your dog to be house broken?”

  1. Bozema said :

    No, that’s your job. Trainers can advise you but won’t do this job for you.

    If you haven’t already, try crate training. Works well.

  2. Cave Canem said :

    A trainer can point in the right direction and tell you how to use some necessary tools like the crate, but in the end, it’s totally up to the owner for compliance.

  3. animal_artwork said :

    I’ve housetrained people’s dogs… but its much too expensive for the average person to pay for AND you still have to do follow-up work.

  4. drb said :

    A trainer’s job is to teach you how to train your dog. They can design training programs for you, advise you, offer feedback, and so forth, but unless you want to have them move in with you, they can’t house train your dog. (In any practical scenario).

    If you sent your dog to a trainer, he or she might succeed in training your dog not to poop is HIS/HER house, but it’s YOUR house that the dog needs to be trained to not use as the bathroom. Also, depending upon the breed and the individual, it might take considerably longer than a few weeks, more like several months up to a year.

    Sorry, house breaking is realistically your job.

  5. gretaleah68 said :

    all you need to do is buy a crate and a dog training magazine at the pet store, it is much easier than you think, good luck!!

  6. anne b said :

    You probably could find someone to do the training for you, but what would you learn from it? The dog would obey the trainer, but if you had an issue later, how would you handle it with no experience? One of the big parts of dog training is training the trainer. No one is born a great trainer, we all learn. Once we learn, we can grow and continue to train until we have great well-trained dogs.
    The other important thing you will be missing out on is the opportunity to bond with your puppy during this stage of its life. You definitely don’t want to miss that.
    Why don’t you enroll in some puppy classes and work together? This dog is your companion, and you don’t want to pass that off on someone else.


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