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How can I train my dog not to chase or kill cats when he see one?

Well, I bought my dog from SPCA. He is a hybrid, but he somehow looks like German shepherd and only 1.5 years old. Very young and naughty. My neighbour likes to have many cats and somehow we managed to make friens with some cats. But Skippy (my dog) seems extreamly loves to chase smaller animals. And we were astonished with its killer’s instict. He know that when he managed to chase a cat he must bite on their neck first. Two cats has been murdered by him now and the cats seems to be “extinct” at our area. Please help me to train him so that he would not assasinate any cats anymore. Of course, I hope that he could still remember he can catch mice after trainning. I saw him digging holes to catch something. It is good.

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8 Responses to “How can I train my dog not to chase or kill cats when he see one?”

  1. jhm22445 said :

    why that is mean wierdo

  2. foggy jones said :

    one surefire cure is to tie a dead cat around his neck with baling wire and leave it until it rots off. we use that here in the country to train dogs to not hunt the wrong thing, mostly that is our chickens. wire a dead chicken around the hound’s neck and after it rots off, no more chicken killing. that is about all know. thank you very kindly.

  3. Good Luck Charm said :

    wow! are u sure about his breed. sounds like a natural killer to me!!! well maybe get a fence between ur yards. or give him like a toy that kinda ‘runs away’ and try to get him to chase it. if he ever starts chasing a cat again, u should be mad at him and get right up in his nose and say ‘bad dog’ works with me! good luck!

  4. lois c said :

    look at that show ” the dog whisperer” he does some amazing things with the dogs. good luck

  5. tejas_yuki said :

    Your in a no-win situation. Some dogs have prey instincts and you can’t change that.

  6. kiki said :

    Well if he was not old and was a puppie than you could have raised it being around cats but i don’t no what to do now.
    When my cat was a kitten both our neighbours on each side had dogs and my cat grew up with them so they were like best friends and one was a German Shepard and the was a Boston terrier and most of the time she would go to the Boston terrier’s house and would wait at their back door and their do g would wait inside at the back and then they would let him out and they would play it was so cute!!!but then we got a dog and she hated him because she did not grow up with him(but he adored her)And then we moved to Grande Prairie and her poor heart broke cuz her best friend were not beside us anymore.

  7. Redawg J said :

    Not much you can do…some dogs just have a strong prey drive. Tell your neighbours that cats must stay off your property and put up a beware of dog sign. When out in public keep your dog leashed and in your control…never let him run off leash. Get him some good training…but you will never be able to trust him with small animals.

  8. dogdemonninja said :

    go to you could learn a lot about dogs. most of the time it’s the owners not properly training or disciplining there dog. that doesn’t mean be mean to him. just go to that link! please lol


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