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How did you train your dog to be a Therapy Dog?

Do any of you have a Therapy Dog? If so how did you train it? With a clicker or without? I am asking because I think my dog would make an excellent one; although he needs some more training.
Thanks in advance
Thanks for your help everyone.

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7 Responses to “How did you train your dog to be a Therapy Dog?”

  1. kikismom said :

    You’re best bet is to sign up for a class that will teach you what the dog needs to know to be a therapy dog.

  2. K9Resqer said :

    Took her through therapy dog classes. Didn’t use a clicker because I’m a horrible clicker trainer. Just used treats and praise. Remember, for the test you can’t use a clicker or treats. So once you’ve shaped the behavior you’ll have to phase the clicker out.

  3. bluebonnetgranny said :
  4. Em Bee said :

    You should take an AKC certified “Good Citizen Course” for starters 😀

    To be a certified “Therapy Dog” that is the first step.

    That comes after all of the basic obedience etc… It is an intensive course for doggy!

    Begin at the beginning and work your way up!

  5. mariahleadme said :

    Once you have your basic obedience down, try for the CGC. Then after your dog is a year old, contact one of the therapy dog registries and see what additional qualifications they require.

    Therapy Dogs International
    Therapy Dogs Incorporated
    The Delta Society

    These are 3 of the premier registries for therapy dogs in the US.

  6. Paula said :

    Most of you know that my dog, Bartles, serves as a Therapy Dog for Haven Humane. There are no big secrets to training a Therapy/Service Dog. It’s just a matter of finding what “drives” the dog to achieve the desired results. I didn’t use clicker training for Bartles. Simply because I knew nothing about it at the time.
    To have a Therapy Pet, you just need a REALLY well behaved pet. They need to know how to act in public. Walk well on a leash and know all basic commands. It’s kinda cute if they know some adorable tricks to throw out there as well.
    If you are going to join an organization like the Delta Society, you’re pet needs to be a little bit better than perfect. Their requirements are very strict and they have a test before the pet can start Therapy Work. Some dogs can’t handle such a strict enviornment. If you are interested in joining Delta Society, I can give you the contact information for the local chapter. Basically, it comes down to having the kind of pet all your friends wish they had 🙂

  7. Joni said :

    yeah, i’ve the same problem as you do,
    but since i get dog personal trainer,
    i don’t have any problem again with that.
    source :


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