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How do green tea bags reduce undereye puffiness?

I recently read that putting soaked green tea bags on the eyes was a good way to reduce undereye puffiness. Does the tea have to be green, though? I thought it was the cooling sensation of the bags rather than their content that was responsible for reducing the puffiness.

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5 Responses to “How do green tea bags reduce undereye puffiness?”

  1. earwithfeet said :

    yeah they say you can use regular tea bags too
    frankly, i think cucumbers work best……

  2. NewYork said :

    I think you can also use black tea. I use that sometimes.

  3. x StRaWb3Rrii3 BiiTcH CaK3 x said :

    it can be any tea at all i use mint tea, but after you soak it, you need to freeze it, and THEN put them on your eyes.

  4. Queen of Spades said :

    It does coming from experience. But I used a different tea. adn the tea bag is soaked with cold water.

  5. Olivia L said :

    No .. I don’t think they have to be green , but green might be better. It helps because of the antioxidants that in the bag.


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