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how do i get started to learn to play guitar?

how can i get started to learn to play guitar? where can i get a cheap one? is there any book or software that can help? above all i am 21 and i always wanted to play guitar, is it too late now?

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5 Responses to “how do i get started to learn to play guitar?”

  1. @utumn GI®L said :

    Go to a guitar course.

  2. poopyprincess said :

    you can get lessons its better to learn one on one with an instructor…its never to late for anything in life ,its all about learning all you can in this lifetime:)

  3. tequilujan said :

    Right now, just get any guitar…whether it be from a pawn shope,, ebay, just make sure it has 6strings, and is acoustic. There are plenty of instructional dvd’s available, and you can pick those up at stores like best buy or fry’s electronics. Once you get better, you can get private lessons and upgrade. Just get started.
    Oh, and i think colleges and universities also offer classes.

  4. Morgan Landry said :

    It’s never too late to learn to play the guitar. The human mind never quits learning. I was a professional musician way back in the 1960s. Then I stayed about 25 years without playing again. In 1997 I had a near fatal heart attack the left me with minor brain damage. I found that I had forgotten quite a few things including how to play the guitar. Having much time on my hands and a wanting to learn, I relearned the instrument again and I find that I am just as good as I ever was and perhaps just a tid bit better.
    I know that you can learn, if you really want to and it’s fairly easy to do. I would suggest trying to learn to play by ear from the very get go.
    I would not recommend getting too cheap of a guitar because a cheap instrument makes the guitar difficult to finger and that could possibly discourage you from continuing to learn.
    You can try looking on ebay for a guitar, to begin with. There are some great deals on quality guitars on there. If you like you can always send me a link and I can offer an opinion and you can make your choice. I would suggest purchasing an instrument for approximately $400 so as to get an instrument that has some quality and good fingering and that will last a while without you having to purchase an upgrade right away.
    I would recommend purchasing a simple guitar chord book at the start. Learning how to finger the chords and getting a good sound , as a starter. Yes, there is software but I don’t know exactly how good it would be in getting you to learn. IF you have a Mac computer there is guitar shed that is really a good software in helping you to tune and learning how to finger the chords. Macs are the best computers for music and musical arts.
    If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact me at any time.

  5. angelheart36 said :

    Depending on where you live you could check into the local junior college to see if they have courses on guitar. I live near Mt. Sac in California and they actually had a Saturday course listed. For your practice you can get yourself a poster my daughter has that is a pictorial of all the chords to help you remember them.
    It’s never too late to learn something if you are truly dedicated to learning it. “- D


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