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How much does the Guitar Pro software cost and will it help me learn to play guitar better?

I have a musical background and I know how to play guitar, but I want to be a lot better. I know a guy who said Guitar Pro really helped him out, but it seems as if it’s solely a tab editing program. Anybody know anything about it?

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5 Responses to “How much does the Guitar Pro software cost and will it help me learn to play guitar better?”

  1. Michael R. Jenwinson said :

    I have guitar Pro 5 which is the latest version of that program. It helped me a lot when i first started and depending on what kind of learner you are it will help you. i can send you a copy of it. My e-mail is on yahoo its justmadethis123. and if you use myspace, my url is

  2. Fen! said :

    Guitar Pro is only for learning songs through TAB, so if you are good enough to learn yourself then get it.

  3. kylethompson91 said :

    I will start off by saying that I love Guitar Pro, but thats just my opinion. First of all, guitar pro alone will not help you be a better guitar player. You have to go and download specific guitar pro tabs if you want to learn your favorite songs.
    But what makes guitar pro so great is it’s flexibility. You can slow down a song and play along until you get it right. You can turn off the guitar and play along with bass and drum tracks. And once you get to a point in your guitar playing career, you can use it to write music, or tab out someone else’s music.

    It costs about $50 I think, but there are many places you can “download” it… I think you know what I mean.
    Hope that helps, and good luck with your music!

  4. james l said :

    Guitar pro alone will not help you learn the guitar exept some chords but,if you downlad a pack of transcriptions for songs that you like in Gp format,yes that will help…personally i prefer books where the transcrtiptions are more accurate cause more likely the guitar pro ones are done by amateurs..

  5. Tiny Spevacek said :

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