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How do you train a dog who has Lost its obedience?

When this dog was 1 years old, he went to several obedience classes. It went great and he was indeed,obedient. After about 3 years he has no obedience,and doesn’t listen to a thing.

It’s just that he keeps eating all the cat’s food,and even though i punish him,he still eats it,everyday
Edit* i have hit the dog pretty hard(don’t take that the wrong way.) and have put him in a cage,he just doesnt get it
(just a slap on the nose)

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5 Responses to “How do you train a dog who has Lost its obedience?”

  1. Basset on the Stove said :

    Put the cat food where he can’t get it.

    And go back to obedience classes. He needs a refresher. You gotta use it or lose it.

  2. Baylie said :

    there is a show called its me or the dog on animal planet

  3. Baa_Baa_Blacksheep said :

    The same way you do with dogs that haven’t gone through classes.

    Are you the one that put him through training? If you don’t continue to work with your animal (for example…never using the “heal” command ever again) then of course they won’t be obedient.

  4. doggyluver said :

    Obedience requires daily training. I played the organ as a kid. I haven’t practiced in years and have forgotten almost all my training.

    And put the cat food up. Cat food causes severe organ damage in dogs. It will slowly kill them.

  5. JBlackout said :

    I know it sounds bad but just hit the dog. It needs to be shown whos boss. Dont thrash it to within an inch of its life or something, but a good wack on the nose should set it straight. If you look at any of these programs with ‘disobedient’ dogs on them you will see its because these people act far to soft with the dog, and let it do whatever it wants. A dog is still really a wild pack animal at heart, and if there is no one showing dominance it will just take control. If it doesnt respond, take it back to the dog trainer.


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