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How can I train my dog to sleep in?

We purposefully do not feed the dog first thing in the morning, but she still insists on waking up early. I’d like to sleep in at least on the occasional weekend day, but the dog won’t let me. She keeps shuffling around, putting her paws on the bed, or trying to nudge my face. Has anyone managed to train their dog to sleep in later?

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13 Responses to “How can I train my dog to sleep in?”

  1. killer said :

    kick it out side

  2. AK said :

    Crate train.

    Put her in there at night, she will get up when you get up.

    My dog loves sleeping in her crate, she sleeps longer, I think because she feels more secure and safe.

  3. jennaslab said :

    mine do this too, he has to go to the bathroom, i put them all out and go back to bed, sweet dreams

  4. Annette said :

    Crate train your dog, I have always done that with my dog and he sleeps until I get up. Make sure that your dog is not a pup, they cant hold their bladders well. It really works.

  5. Nick said :

    Will I’m not to sure if you can.

  6. Island Queen said :

    Close your bedroom door lol

  7. heartmonger999 said :


  8. Sweetpea said :

    I have the same problem with my yorkie! You can’t blame the doggie though if it’s used to getting up early during the week and then you want to sleep in on the weekend. It doesn’t understand why you are not up early on Saturday! I just tell my yorkie to “shush” and “lay down”. He listens. Then again…my baby is very mindful! Lucky me!!

  9. llramladu said :

    There is always crate training or kicking the dog out of the room, but you can also try to keep your dog up at night when you plan on sleeping in. I can always ignore my animals and they learn that no matter what they do I won’t get up for them, until I’m ready.

  10. mcalano77 said :

    don’t let him in bedroom close the door. buy a crate if need too. i would also say each day have the dog wait extra few minutes for what ever it wants. after a while the dog will learn.

  11. eva diane said :

    My dog does this also. I put him in the laundry room the night before if I want to sleep in. He is usually pretty quite when I do this.

  12. rockergrl202 said :

    u cant but keep the dog in a crate or different room

  13. cphill7406 said :

    I have this same problem…if I were ever to over sleep…my dog would wake me up with in 20 minutes of her usually morning walk. The get use to routine and its hard to break them. On the weekends, I usually tried to walk her at the last possible moment before I go to bed so that she will sleep later too. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.


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