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How do I train my sims 2 dog to go to the bathroom?

Ok I got the sims 2 pets yesterday, the problem is I don’t how to make the dog pee. Unlike the cat it doesn’t have a teaching command for using the toilet. So question is, how do I train my dog to go to the bathroom

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4 Responses to “How do I train my sims 2 dog to go to the bathroom?”

  1. ninyenu00 said :

    redirect this question to the video games section…

  2. Rachel - Pit Police Captain said :

    Wrong section, but I’ll still help. When the dog pees on the floor, scold him for it. A meter will appear, and once the level gets to the top, the dog is housebroken. You can’t make him go to the bathroom….but if you scold him when he goes in the house, he will eventually go outside to pee. When that happens, click on the dog and praise him for peeing outside.

  3. stoneytreehugger said :

    You can only teach cats to go to the toilet, dogs must go outside.

  4. ninjaaa! said :

    When you catch your dog peeing on the floor inside, click it and “Scold for..” just like you would for any unwanted behaviours like hostility towards others, chewing the furniture, etc. You have to do this when the dog is actually peeing; once the dog is done, the option disappears. When you notice the dog peeing outside, click it and “Praise for…” accordingly. It takes a bit of time but he eventually learns it.

    It’s a little like housebreaking in real life, in a way.


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